A BRIERLEY Hill man brutally stabbed and bit a man who was getting the better of him in a fight.

Father-of-two Jordan Kerr, aged 29, was separated from his partner after the breakdown of their relationship and she was being helped by neighbour Stephen Jones to get into her flat in Lower Derry Street.

Mr Jones was "simply standing by" as Kerr got into a heated argument with his ex, he was then punched full on in the mouth.

Darron Whitehead, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court a brawl followed and Kerr produced a knife and stabbed Mr Jones before the pair parted and shook hands.

But Mr Jones, who was also bitten on the left cheek, then realised he had a stomach wound that was bleeding badly and had to spend a night in hospital being treated for his injury.

Judge Martin Walsh said: "It is fortuitous the injury was not a serious as it might have been but is clear the potential consequences could have been catastrophic."

He added: "You stabbed an innocent resident in these flats simply because he intervened in an argument between you and your former partner."

Neil Skinner, for Kerr, said it was his client who started the fight and he was punched around 30 times by Mr Jones.

He added: "He panicked because Mr Jones was getting the better of him in what was a totally unnecessary and avoidable incident."

Mr Skinner said Kerr, now of no fixed address, had gone back to the flat to try and thrash things out with his former partner and he lashed out with a single stab blow in a fight he had started.

Kerr admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and also breaching a community order imposed for producing cannabis, a controlled drug. He was jailed for 54 months.

"It was an incident that got completely out of hand," concluded Mr Skinner who stressed Kerr had "never been a violent man."

Mr Whitehead said Kerr admitted the wounding charge after telling police: "He was getting the better of me and I panicked and stabbed him." He maintained it had never been his intention to cause any serious injury.