A GUANTANAMO Bay protestor from Hagley will be giving a talk at an event this weekend marking the 12th anniversary of the US military prison.

Dr David Nicholl will be discussing the continued imprisonment of the last Brit held in the Cuban camp, Shaker Aamer, at the Stop The War event taking place at Transport House, Broad Street, Birmingham, on Saturday January 11 from 2pm.

The talk will follow the screening of an award-winning film '4 Days in Guantanamo' which documents the interrogation of a 16-year-old Canadian National at Guantanamo by the Canadian Intelligence Services.

Saudi-born British resident Shaker Aamer, whose wife and children live in London, has been held without charge at Guantanamo Bay for almost the entire lifetime of the prison which US president Barack Obama pledged back in 2009 to close but which remains open halfway through Obama's second term in office.

Dr Nicholl, who staged a five-day hunger strike to protest against Mr Aamer's continued incarceration without trial, said: “It remains an abject disgrace and failure of political leadership that Shaker Aamer is still in Guantanamo.

"Only last month, the first Commander of Guantanamo, than man who opened this prison, has called for its closure. It is clear to me, the only reason he has not been returned to his family in London, is the embarrassment of the security services. It will only be unremitting public pressure to embarrass the authorities that will lead to Shaker’s release."

Mr Aamer, who has not been allowed any family visits during his imprisonment and who has been on hunger strike since last March, will have been in Guantanamo for 12 years next month. He has never seen his youngest son Faris who was born shortly after he was detained.

To find out more about Mr Aamer's plight check out saveshaker.org or visit www.stopwar.org.uk/events/birmingham-guantanamo for more details on the Stop The War event.