ANNOYED mobile phone users in Stourbridge were unable to access the internet on their devices this week due to a broken mast.

Customers of operator O2 were unable to browse web pages, use apps that require internet access or send emails since Tuesday.

They were frustrated that the company had initially seemed unaware of the issue and failed to keep them updated.

O2 customer Dan Hinton, aged 29, said: “I pay £5 extra a month on top of a £48 contract for no service in or around the town centre. The £5 is actually for extra data allowance. Others on O2 are having the same issue.”

He said he was “annoyed” that there had been no update on the situation from the phone company and added: “As I commute I haven’t been able to check train times, which would have been useful considering recent weather.

Mr Hinton said there had been "no mention of any compensation".

Andrew Parkes, aged 17, also experienced problems.

He added: “It’s kind of annoying as I can’t use Whatsapp or other internet services.”

The O2 website, told visitors that a phone mast for the area wasn't working and customers "might experience problems making calls, using the internet or sending/receiving emails in this area".

A spokesman for O2 said an engineer attended the mast site, near Bath Road, yesterday (Thursday) to replace a piece of equipment.

But while he was carrying out repairs, he discovered another replacement part was needed.

The spokesman said that service had been restored today (Friday).