MOTORISTS will continue to benefit from three hours free parking at Stourbridge's new Tesco supermarket, it has been confirmed.

Stourbridge MP, Margot James, met with Simon Petar, corporate affairs representative from Tesco, in order to ensure the free parking at the Crown Centre would remain in place.

Ms James was also keen to ensure that the time allowance would not be reduced.

She was assured that not only would the current three hour allowance remain in place but extensions will now be granted for special events and community activities, that exceed the time limit.

Officers of local organisations whose members, guests, or tickets holders will require a longer period of parking should contact Tesco directly.

Ms James added: “Having met with Simon Petar, I am delighted to have secured assurances that the three hours free parking will remain in place for residents.

"I have also been contacted by a number of community groups and charities who hold events in the town and find the three hour limit on free parking restrictive, so I am very pleased to have persuaded Tesco to grant extensions to local groups for such events in the future, and would like to thank them for agreeing to be flexible in these cases.”