A BRIERLEY Hill man has urged the council to repair the pothole-ridden road he lives on as he claims parts of his house shake when large vehicles go over them.

Mark Edwards of Moor Street, said the condition of the road was "diabolical" and there were around 30 potholes in need of repair.

The 36-year-old has complained to Dudley Council on numerous occasions over the last 12 months but said the authority just "repairs pothole on top of pothole" instead of permanently repairing state of the road: "They just dump stuff in the hole, stamp on it and drive off."

He continued: "If a bus or a lorry goes over one of the potholes, the head board on my bed and the plumbing rattles. Clearly it's likely to be doing some damage to the foundations of my house.

"After I called the council about the house shaking, they said they would get someone to do a road survey. I was told they had been out and there was unevenness in the road but all they did was pour some black stuff in the holes and went away again."

He said that while the state of his road was "bad", nearby street "looks like it has been carpet bombed".

Mr Edwards added: "You can't drive from one end of Fenton Street to the other without the possibility of destroying your car, you can't avoid them, some are three or four inches deep."

Councillor Khurshid Ahmed, cabinet member for transportation, said: "Our officers are aware of the condition of these two streets and they will be considered along with other roads across the borough when we agree the next year's highway maintenance programme in the coming months.

"In the mean time we would thank Mr Edwards and other borough residents who report issues to us."