ROAD safety experts are urging people to take extra care as bad weather continues to cause flooding and travel chaos.

Authorities say although most people are behaving responsibly a minority are ignoring road closure signs and driving through floods or even, amazingly, moving the signs out of the way.

Anna Higgins from the West Mercia Safer Roads Partnership said: “Although the flooding has caused disruption on the roads for many motorists this week, we’re encouraged that the majority have been following safety advice and are taking extra care on their journey. However, there is unfortunately a number of selfish drivers who aren’t considering how their actions are affecting other people.

“If you come across a road closure sign on your journey, do not ignore it. Not only it is highly dangerous to yourself and other road users, but there have been incidents where large waves are being created by motorists driving through flooded roads which are then going into neighbouring properties which are already affected by the flooding.

“We would urge motorists to show some consideration in these severe conditions and think about their actions before trying to take dangerous shortcuts.

“Additionally, motorists should not move road closure signs. Not only is this highly irresponsible, it’s also an offence.

“As always, we would encourage motorists to stay alert to local news and weather reports for details of road closures, and visit the Environment Agency website ( for the latest flood information. If your local area is experiencing flooding it’s advisable to leave any non essential travel until it has subsided.”