A WOMAN suffered serious arm injuries after her car smashed into a Stourbridge estate agent's office.

The 4x4 vehicle veered off Stourbridge ring road and ploughed through railings before hitting the front window of The Property Shop, just before 1pm on Tuesday.

Four members of staff were in the shop at the time and rushed out to help the woman, who was travelling in the car with her nine-year-old daughter.

St Johns Road was closed to traffic while firefighters removed the roof of the car to free the driver.

The woman, believed to be in her late 30s, was taken to Russells Hall Hospital for further treatment,.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The woman driving the car had suffered serious arm injuries in the crash and was also in shock. She received emergency treatment whilst still inside the vehicle, including pain relief."

Her daughter was checked over at the scene but did not require further treatment.

Daniel Thomas, owner of The Property Shop said: "I wasn't there at the time but I arrived within five minutes. The crash was right in front of my desk so I was very lucky. None of the staff saw anything, the first they knew about it was when they heard the noise of the impact and the glass shatter."

Mr Thomas said the accident had caused thousands of pounds worth of damage but added: "We are insured so I'm not worried, just pleased that none of the staff were hurt and the lady driving the car wasn't seriously hurt, it could have been a lot worse."