CARING employees from Lye company MarkOne Safety Solutions are rallying round to support one of their colleagues whose husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Seventeen of them from the Timmis Road firm are taking part in the Dragonboat Challenge at Himley Hall on Sunday May 18 to raise funds for the Brain Tumour Charity.

The idea came from managing director Mark Haynes after he'd attended a breakfast briefing in Solihull.

He said: "I'd been thinking of doing something for charity, but then at the breakfast briefing there was a fundraiser from the Brain Tumour Charity who gave a short talk. Then suddenly it hit me.

"One of my employees husband Wayne Morris was diagnosed with a brain tumour two years ago.

"Since then, he's undergone two brain operations and endless cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

"Wayne, who lives in Withymoor Village, is well known to everyone here because his wife Jill works for us. I've known him for quite a few years and he's a good friend.

"His eldest daughter Katie, who is 12, will be our drummer girl at the front of the Dragonboat and she's already been raising sponsorship.

"We've been asking everyone who comes into the office to donate.

"I asked my health and safety officer Neil Summerfield. Not only did he give me £200, but he offered to take part as well when he heard I was struggling for numbers. It was a superb gesture from him.

"I had got other charities in mind but it's good to be doing something for one which isn't in the public domain so much."