PLANS to extend the facilities at King Edwards VI College's sports ground in Oldswinford have been deferred while parking issues are ironed out.

A proposal to rebuild the existing sports pavilion and create 12 parking spaces on the Swinford Road site came under fire from residents at Monday's planning meeting at Dudley Council House.

Norton councillor Colin Elcock spoke in favour of the plan saying a new pavilion was "very much-needed".

But more than 30 people living nearby objected to the site's redevelopment - raising fears existing parking problems, most notable when the venue is used at weekends by sports clubs, could worsen with improved facilities.

Planning consultant Linda Vincent, speaking on behalf of Stourbridge's King Edward VI College, however, said: "We're aware the proposal has raised some local concerns with regard to parking.

"The facilities currently on site are close to breaching health and safety regulations child protection guidance and do not meet national sports standards.

"This application does not propose increased useage - activities will follow the same timetable."

And she said there was no intention to use the new pavilion for non-sporting events.

Councillor David Caunt said with careful planning double the number of parking spaces could probably be accommodated on the site to minimise the parking problems in Swinford Road and surrounding streets where resident Graham Dean, of Eton Drive, said cars often park "bumper to bumper, very often on the footpath".

Councillor Qadar Zada, committee chairman, therefore decided to defer the plan while parking issues are resolved and he added: "If they can't be resolved, it'll come back to committee.

"It's important that we take on board the feedback from people."