AN entrepreneur from Stourbridge who was sick and tired of long phone contracts and unfair pricing has launched his own mobile network.

Nick Goodall, 23, has founded Zevvle, which he says will provide ‘fair and sensible pricing, useful support and features designed for our customers’.

The former Elmfield Steiner School and King Edward VI College pupil says Zevvle, which launches later this year, will offer simple SIM-only contracts.

The contracts will be monthly, so customers will not be locked in long-term or caught out by complicated fees.

Nick, who now lives in Bournheath, said: “Nobody wants a phone contract but everybody wants to use their phone so why make it difficult?

“The industry hasn’t changed much over the years, leaving a space for us to do something different, something better. That’s what we’re going to do.”

He added that Zevvle customers will be able to get where they need it, whether that’s online, in-app or via text messaging, all without needlessly waiting on the phone.

And, in a battle against ‘bill-shock’, Zevvle will set a default limit of zero for all additional spending and offer near real-time notifications for extra charges if users choose to opt out.

Nick said: “People shouldn’t suffer from ridiculous bills, the system is broken. What does it really cost if I go over my contract or go abroad? Nobody knows – and we’re going to change that.”

Until they launch, Zevvle are offering one month free for each referral that orders a SIM, limited to 12 months. Customers can sign up at