MADCAP detective Inspector Drake, created by Quarry Bank playwright turned film-maker David Tristram, is set to burst onto the big screen for a second outing next week.

‘Inspector Drake 2 - The Seagull’ - based on Tristram’s popular play series about the comedy cop - will be premiered at Wolverhampton’s Lighthouse Cinema next Friday (October 12).

The second dose of Drake on celluloid, produced by the writer/director’s Flying Ducks production company, follows the success of ‘Inspector Drake - The Movie’ which was released in February 2011 and later accepted into the 2011 London Independent Film Festival.

This time round it sees the 1930s’detective (once again played by Stourbridge actor Alan Birch) tracking down a ruthless serial killer who commits a hat-trick of murders in a hat shop.

The trouble is the eye witness has no eyes and the hat shop owner is convinced the killer was a six-foot tall seagull.

Quarry Bank born David, now based in Bridgnorth, said: “It's the usual mixture of excitement and trepidation at this stage, but we're confident we've done what we set out to do, which is make a sequel which doesn't disappoint - sharper, tighter and funnier than the original - so I'm looking forward to putting it in front of an audience."

There are now just a handful of tickets left for the UK premiere of Drake 2 but the film will also be screened the following day at Highbury in Birmingham, again at the Lighthouse, Wolverhampton, on Saturday October 20 and at The Swan Theatre, Worcester, on Monday November 12.

And to keep Drake fans Down Under happy the film will be premiered in Australia at the Zamia Theatre, North Tamborine, Queensland, on Saturday October 13.

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