A STOURPORT woman hopes to “pay back” the cost of care her late sister received at a hospice by selling pressed flower designs.

Steph Cutler’s sister Jackie spent two weeks at St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester before she died aged 51 in 2009.

Mrs Cutler said: “Jackie lived in Turkey during the summer doing seasonal work. She called me up and said she was home in July which was unusual.

“She’d had a stroke and had been to hospital in Turkey where she was given five weeks to live. The stroke had uncovered two brain tumours.

“She stayed at St Richard’s Hospice before she died and I’ve decided to pay back the hospice for her care.”

Mrs Cutler set up her business, Floragraphics, in 2010, where she grows flowers in her garden and presses them to make designs.

She then has the designs printed on cards, canvases and coasters by a company in Redditch.

Mrs Cutler added: “It’s just a personal thing to support St Richard’s. My profits will go back into the business and then I will donate as much as I can.”

Mrs Cutler sells her work in Kidderminster at a stall in the Market Place, in New Road.