THE majority of borough residents will be tucking into pancakes topped with lashings of lemon and sugar today.

A survey conducted by Merry Hill found borough residents remain traditional when it comes to their Shrove Tuesday pancakes.

71 per cent of shoppers opted for the classic sugar and lemon, while 12.5 per cent chose the alternative orange and sugar.

11.5 per cent tucked in to chocolate spread, while only two per cent of participants went for maple syrup, with no one opting for ice-cream.

The survey also discovered 83 per cent of shoppers still opted for homemade pancakes, rather than using a packet mix.

Kelly Reed, marketing manager at Westfield Merry Hill, said: “It’s nice to see that lemon and sugar is still Dudley’s favourite – sometimes you just can’t beat an old classic!

“And it’s great to see that making pancakes from scratch is still the most popular method – in today’s fast-paced world our customers still find the time to make pancakes the traditional way, which is lovely!”