SUPERMARKET giant Tesco is set to stamp down on lazy Stourbridge pedestrians who have been putting their lives at risk by walking up and down busy vehicle ramps.

The culprits have been dodging their way around vehicle barriers to stroll along the 30 metre long ramps as a short cut into Bell Street - despite the fact that a continual stream of cars are coming in and out of the underground car park.

Shocked by-standers have watched in amazement as families with young children, have parked up to take advantage of Tesco's three hours free parking and then risked injury by taking the shortcut to the Crystal Leisure Centre, disregarding a sign at the bottom of the upper floor ramp, requesting they do not walk there.

Now Tesco, which owns the town centre car park, has been forced to take action.

A spokesman said: "We will be putting up signage to encourage customers to use the designated walkways, rather than the vehicle ramps."

Councillor Pete Lowe, deputy leader of Dudley Council added: "We have all seen the benefit of the three hour parking provided by Tesco and the benefit it has brought to the town.

"We are encouraging everyone to use the designated walkways and we will be monitoring the situation."