STOURBRIDGE’S first ever vegan health and lifestyle event is set to hit the town this month.

The Crown Centre will be packed with more than 40 stalls selling vegan food, goodies and lifestyle products on Saturday, August 19, from 10.30am to 4pm.

The event aims to demonstrate how easy it can be to choose a vegan lifestyle as the number of vegans in Britain has risen dramatically in the last few years.

A 2016 survey by the Vegan Society found a 360 per cent increase in veganism in the last decade with perceived health benefits, environmental concerns and animal welfare issues thought to be influencing the change in people’s habits.

Event organiser Katrin Winstanley said: “I’m really excited to be able to stage this event in my home town. I’m vegan and I’m really passionate about dispelling some of the myths around this lifestyle.

“I want to show the local community how accessible vegan food can be and that it’s tasty, healthy and nutritious.”

A vegan diet excludes meat, seafood and dairy, as well other foods and products produced using animals. Vegan products are now easy to find on supermarket shelves as retailers respond to the soaring demand.

Katrin added: “People are realising it isn’t difficult to make an ethical choice. Animals suffer because of some of our farming practices. Animal agriculture is damaging to the environment, contributing to greenhouses gases, pollution and water use.

“Living a vegan lifestyle is about living with compassion for our world and it can have significant health benefits.”

The Stourbridge event, where entry costs £1 with proceeds going to the Hillfields Animal Sanctuary, will also feature a programme of talks and films from leading vegan organisations.