A STOURBRIDGE roofer who viciously kicked an unconscious man's head like a football has been jailed for five-and-a-half years.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard Daniel Breakwell repeatedly punched Brett Peck as he lay on the ground before kicking him "like taking a penalty".

Breakwell, aged 23, left Mr Peck with a broken nose and facial injuries that required 25 stitches after the brutal attack at Swan Pool Park in Wollaston.

Judge John Warner told Breakwell: "There was obviously some background to this incident but it never justified the ferocity of what you did."

He said it was a sustained and extremely serious assault but stressed it was accepted there had been a "degree of provocation" by Mr Peck.

Hugh O'Brien-Quinn, prosecuting, told the court Breakwell had been in a relationship with Mr Peck's sister but it ended acrimoniously and there was a great deal of animosity between the two men.

They met by chance at the park and after a heated argument Breakwell threw a punch that knocked Mr Peck unconscious with a witness describing a "sickening" thud as his head hit the ground.

A second witness said it was like wet clay hitting the pavement with Breakwell kneeling down by the unconscious man and raining heavy punches into his face as his head rocked from side to side.

Breakwell was pulled away but he returned to strike Mr Peck six more times before running back and kicking him twice in the head with a witness fearing the unconscious man was going to be killed.

After his arrest Breakwell of Bedcote Place, Stepping Stones, was frank with police and he told officers he had "completely lost his temper."

Tim Talbot-Webb, for Breakwell, maintained Mr Peck had been unpleasant towards his client and was "looking for a fight."

He said Breakwell had been pushed and shoved and that was when he threw the first punch.

Mr Talbot-Webb added: "If he had stopped there it could have been self defence but he lost his temper. It was wholly out of character and he is disgusted with what he has done."

The judge told Breakwell, who admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, it was such a grave offence only a substantial prison sentence was appropriate.

West Midlands Police declined to release an image of Breakwell after consultation with his victim.