A FORMER Stourbridge woman who lost five-and-a-half stone through her own healthy eating and exercise programme has set up a walking class to help others struggling to shed the extra pounds.

Sarah Gould has gone from 18 stone 11lbs to 12 stone 1lb in just 12 months after deciding to change her lifestyle last January, when she got engaged.

The full-time mum-of-two, who now lives in Kidderminster, has gone from struggling to squeeze into a size 22 to a svelte size 12 and she now aims to help others keen to shift the weight.

She has set up a walking class in Kidderminster called Walk and Talk, which involves a two-mile stroll on a Monday evening, followed by a weigh-in and a talk about diet.

Following its success, she now hopes to start a similar group on Tuesdays in Stourbridge where she used to go to school.

The 26-year-old former Grange School student said: “I just want to inspire others who have felt as low as I did.

“I couldn’t get into a size 22 and now I’m a size 12. I feel amazing. I have totally changed - looks and personality wise.

“I lost the weight through healthy eating and not calling it a diet. Then I started walking and now I run five miles everyday.”

She said she decided to tackle her weight problem head on after booking her wedding for July 2012 and after struggling to find a pair of black trousers to fit her.

She said: “I woke up on January 5 in 2011 and said ‘that’s it - it starts today’ and I haven’t stopped since.”

Anyone interested in joining a walking club in Stourbridge can call Sarah on 07429 906805, email sarah_gould85@hotmail.co.uk or check out Facebook group ‘walking the right weigh forward’.