Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best broadband gadgets.

By Peter Jenkinson

While we may still complain, broadband speeds, on the whole, are pretty impressive these days.

Of course, shopping around for a provider is a must, but once you've got your connection, it's time to take advantage of the blistering speeds at which you can perform numerous computer tasks.

These gadgets will help you get the most from your monthly fee.

Internet TV - Humax YouView Recorder - £249.99 from This box is full of smart tricks - and no subscription is needed. You can grab all the Freeview channels in glorious HD and enjoy catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player. A whopping 500GB hard drive is included, giving up to 300 hours of recordable television for you to enjoy in your own time.

Gorgeous gogglebox - LG 55LM960V - £1,999 from This LED 3D TV may not have a snappy title but it will change the way you watch television. The 3D part works with passive glasses - seven pairs are included - and there is built-in Freeview HD and Wi-Fi, which means you're unlikely to ever want to go out again. With a sumptuous screen display, you can access all the catch-up services via your Wi-Fi router, plus download videos, play games and surf online.

Dual use - Magicbox Voice 440 - £59.99 - For users of the Skype network, this'll come in very handy. With one of these boxes plugged into your PC, you can use the cordless dual phone to speak to friends and family all over the world - it's much better than shouting into your laptop speakers. And the real beauty of this one is that it works on your standard fixed line network too.

Security guard - iZON Remote Room Monitor - £99.95 from If you want to keep an eye on your abode when you are miles away from home, this nifty piece of kit is just what you need. Working alongside an app on your phone, place the camera on any surface and log in to your secure user account to see what's occurring in your house. It also reacts to sound and/or motion - handy if you want to know who used the last of the milk.

See me - Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam - £169 from Far more than just a camera to see who is on the other end of your online chat, this webcam delivers top-notch, sharp, vibrant footage. You can record directly to your Mac, iPhone or iPad with ease over your Wi-Fi network and broadcast live across the globe on the free video-streaming platform Ustream. Portable with HD 720p video, you'll be sharing your passions, performances and interests like a professional.

Lights fantastic - Philips Hue Starter Pack - £179.95 from These well-engineered illuminators include a mini receiver which work via your Wi-Fi network and iPhone or iPad. You can set them to come on at certain times or glow in a multitude of hues by messing with your phone app - wherever you are in the world.

App of the week: Wreck-it Ralph - 69p on iTunes The much-anticipated film is coming to cinemas next month, but in the meantime, this 8-bit graphic game will keep you entertained. Play four different arcade games - fixing, racing, blasting and climbing your way through the levels - to get a taste of what's in store on the big screen.