Clean living doesn't have to be a hardship. Lisa Haynes reveals how to achieve the body beautiful - minus the personal trainer.

By Lisa Haynes

January resolutions may be in full swing but who says you have to be cruel to be kind?

The dreaded detox doesn't have to be a chore. When it comes to January revitalisation, undoing the festive season damage can actually be quite pleasurable.

A little extra sleep and a whole lot of pampering can do wonders for December-induced dull skin.

Not sure where to start? Comfort Zone's 2013 UK Spa Trend Report reveals the areas to focus on to make yourself feel human again - no fasting, juicing or gym inductions required.

This is one detox you won't want to confine to January.

Heavenly hydration UK spa therapists named dehydration as the biggest skincare problem they see. Factor in a very 'spirited' festive season of excess alcohol and your skin is most likely screaming out for a detoxifying drink.

Water makes up about two-thirds of the weight of a healthy body and the slightest imbalance can lead to lethargy, mood swings and a lack of elasticity in the skin.

Emma Dunne, manager at The Ritz Salon, London, says: "Many clients come to the spa looking for a cure for dull and tired skin, assuming the ageing process is to blame.

"Usually the answer to their lacklustre complexion is in fact dehydration."

Increase your water intake to a minimum of two litres a day and look for products that deliver maximum hydration and moisture to quench thirsty skin.

Rest and relaxation Yes, you heard it right. Pounding the treadmill at the gym shouldn't be your only January prescription. Add sleep, according to Comfort Zone's spa gurus.

"Women spa visitors are showing more signs of stress and sleep deprivation than men with the majority of them falling asleep during a treatment," says Catherine de Villiers, spa manager at The Spa in Dolphin Square.

Counteract all those late December nights by snatching some extra shut-eye. Scientists from the University of Washington revealed sleeping for fewer than seven hours a night 'encourages' the genes that cause weight gain.

Turn your bathroom into a sanctum for rest, warmth and privacy before bedtime. Light calming candles and create a dreamy relaxing bath using sleep-enhancing essential oils like lavender, jasmine or sandalwood.

DIY spa Booking a visit to your favourite spa may be more of an occasional treat than a regularity, especially in budget-conscious January.

Recreate the spa atmosphere at home and you can reap the rejuvenation benefits.

The steam room is the easiest to replicate on a smaller scale with a facial steam for a deep cleanse. Simply fill a bowl with hot water and add a product like Dr Hauschka's Facial Steam Bath (£26.45 from Lean over the bowl covering your head with a towel and breathe deeply for up to 10 minutes (three if you have sensitive skin).

A good spa therapist is never far away from a body brush so invest for noticeably smoother, softer skin.

Kelly Morrell, manager at Elemis day-spa, says: "A brush a day keeps dry skin away. Try dry body brushing before showering in an upward and outward motion."

Go organic No need to clear out your fridge and cupboards and replace with organic-only ingredients.

If you're aiming for the body beautiful, however, it's worth reassessing your beauty routine and seeking out products that are pure, natural and free of added nasties.

"Organic skincare has really come of age and the results we are seeing can at last compete with the more classic skincare lines," explains Liz Holmes, spa director at Rockliffe Hall, Darlington.

You don't need to go back to basics either. Brands like Organic Surge, whose skincare products hold the EcoCert certification, are launching indulgent ranges like their new 'Luxury Collection' alongside everyday products.

Vitamin shot Flagging on your five-a-day quota already? Vitamins have come a long way from chewable vitamin C tablets, focusing on our skin needs too.

"Today, it is very clear that correct nutrition, physical activity, the help of dietary supplements to improve organ function, along with a topical application of the latest skincare breakthroughs, are equally vital components needed for optimal health of our skin," suggests Davide Bollati, Comfort Zone founder.

It's an inside-out approach to beauty that's becoming big business with a plethora of new supplement brands on the market.

If you feel your skin, hair or nails are lacking in vitality, there's a targeted daily pill you can pop. Visit for a vast selection of supplements.

Tried & tested Make orange peel skin a thing of the past. Our testers trial three cellulite potions: :: Dr Organic Royal Jelly Cellulite Cream, £9.29 (Holland & Barrett) This cellulite cream behaves more like a quality organic body lotion as it lacks toning and smoothing powers. Reassuringly, it's a natural product but the thick consistency is hard to work into the skin.

2/5 :: Avon Solution Cellu-Defy Intensive Anti-Cellulite Lotion, £10 ( Soft to the touch and doesn't leave a sticky sensation on the skin afterwards. After a few weeks of use, I notice the orange peel effect has lessened slightly so I'll be persisting for a smoother bottom and thighs.

3/5 :: Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Goodbye Cellulite Gel-Cream, £10.89 (Boots) This miracle cream delivers smooth skin results in days, not weeks. The gel-like formula absorbed instantly making dressing after application a doddle.

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