Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best fun gadgets to allow adults to indulge in the superhero craze By Peter Jenkinson.

The exploits of Clark Kent as far back as 1978 helped move superheroes on to the big screen after decades trapped inside comic books.

The occasional special effects at that time left viewers open-mouthed, and the recently released Avengers Assemble, based on the Marvel comic book series, hardly has a scene without any computer-generated magic.

Showing we've lost none of our passion for the genre, the film broke box office records at its launch in the UK, and it seems kids of all ages are enjoying the exploits of the multi-talented bunch.

With this in mind, we've rounded up some items to allow adults to indulge in the superhero craze.

Super-you - Superhero Stand-in Cardboard Cut-out - £29.99 from Fulfil your childhood dream of becoming a superhero with the installation of this life-size cut-out in your home. Snap away as you poke your head through the face hole and then show off your muscular superhero status. Now the tricky bit is to decide on your name.

Phone Protector - Marvel Collector's Edition iPhone 4 Cases - £21.99 from Select your preferred character from this fine range to cover and protect one of your most favoured gadgets. These super-tough cases are styled to commemorate the classic comics which first brought those favourite characters into our lives.

Character Building - Lego Superheroes Iron Man - £10.95 from Iron Man is one of a three Avengers character available in these 44-piece sets. Once you've put this impressive figure together, there is the Hulk and Captain America standing by. At more than 18cm tall, the completed figure will sit impressively on any desk or bedroom shelf.

Build And Battle - Hulk Helicarrier Breakout - £49.99 from Unleash your inner child as your create a scene from the blockbuster film in brick form. This sizeable set includes Hulk, Thor, Loki and Hawkeye, and there are plenty of accessories, from a fine flying machine to action stations, to bring the story to life.

Slurp-tastic - Souper - £8.99 from This is what any self-respecting superhero fan should use to eat their soup. In fact, we think this should be the selected implement for the simple stirring of tea! What sets this spoon apart from the crowd is not just its crime-fighting outfit but the moveable arms with which to have some juvenile fun.

Transform Yourself - Personalised Superhero - £79.99 from Now you can enjoy the power of 3D printing technology. All you need do is take two pictures of yourself: one from the front and one from the side. After a couple of weeks, your very own toy head will be delivered together with your favoured superhero - Wonder Woman, Superman, Joker, Batman or Batgirl. Just remove the original head and pop on your creation.

App of the week: GetTaxi from Order, pay for and watch your ride arrive on your mobile phone with this most useful of app for capital dwellers.

It is rolling out across the regions, so look out for this app, which gives you an estimated time of arrival and sends you a picture of your driver for total peace of mind.

Recently added to the service is a radar function to show you GetTaxi cabs around you. Hailing a cab has never been so easy and quick.