A MEMORIAL to remember fallen soldiers in Hagley is being given a make-over thanks to a generous donation.

Hagley Parish Council has been given 30 trees from The Woodland Trust which will be planted at various places in the village to honour those who lost their lives in the world wars.

The first four trees - of a variety of species including silver birch, rowan and wild cherry - were planted by youngsters from Hagley Primary School at Hagley War Memorial this week.

Daniel Bate, year five teacher, said: “The children have spent the last few months learning about all of the people whose names appear on the war memorial.

“Using Don Freeth’s book, which details all of those who Hagley lost during the wars, we then followed their lives on a tour around the village.

“The children have really got involved in learning about the war and we could actually spend the whole year on it because they enjoy it so much, because I think for them, doing things like this really brings history to life.”

Hagley Parish Council’s joint lead councillor for environment, Beryl Syrotiuk, who organised for the trees to be planted, said: “It's been great working with the children and teaching them about our local history, and they have all been brilliant planters.

“We hope that by planting these trees, it will be another permanent reminder of the sacrifices made by many young men from Hagley.”

Jean Pardoe, who attended the tree planting on behalf of Hagley’s Royal British Legion branch, added: “I think this is a wonderful way in getting children involved in learning about their local history.”

Some of the donated trees are being planted next to the new pavilion, which is set to be built on the village playing fields, while the remainder will be used to form a memorial avenue at the parish cemetery, with the council aiming to dedicate a tree to every name on the war memorial.

Cllr Steve Colella, chairman of the parish council, said: “We are very proud to be able to support this initiative, as well as enhance the Hagley War Memorial.

“This is a fitting way to remember the fallen from Hagley from two world wars.”