ShrewsMUN VIII was successfully hosted last weekend at Shrewsbury School, embracing the theme of "Peace and Conflict." Over 100 student diplomats from 15 delegations participated in this two-day Model United Nations conference, engaging in fruitful debates on international affairs.

Model United Nations serves as an academic simulation of the United Nations, with students assuming the roles of delegates from various countries. Throughout the conference, these delegates engage in passionate debates on specific topics within different committees, allowing them to develop and hone their public speaking and diplomatic skills—an invaluable experience indeed.

This year, Shrewsbury School once again hosted its annual Model United Nations conference. The conference consisted of seven committees. Noteworthy among them was the Security Council, where the discussion centered around international peace and security, such as the Sino-Indian border dispute. Additionally, the Economic and Financial Committee discussed issues related to international monetary cooperation and global economic governance. This year's Special Committee on Tension and De-escalation focused specifically on resolving religious-based conflicts and promoting international military cooperation and communication.

The conference commenced with an opening ceremony, featuring a keynote address delivered by former MUN participant Mr. Samuel Armfield, who provided valuable insights into the complexities of global issues, setting the stage for the engaging debates that followed.

Acknowledging the exceptional performance of the delegates, the Huw Peach Award for Best Delegation was awarded to Manchester Grammar School, recognizing their outstanding debating skills in this conference.

The Co-Secretary Generals, Scarlett S and Liam G, further expressed their satisfaction with the hosting of ShrewsMUN VIII and eagerly anticipate future conferences.

Reflecting on the event, delegate from Germany, Will M, described his ShrewsMUN experience as exceptional. He emphasized how it deepened his comprehension of diplomatic relations and global issues. The engaging debates sparked thoughtful discussions, and he valued the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from various nations. The conference had a profound impact on him, expanding his perspectives on international affairs.