Shrewsbury school choir takes flight.


On the 25th of March, the Shrewsbury School choir returned from 4 days away in Vienna, performing at 3 prestigious venues over the trip. During the excursion, the members of the choir also learned a lot about their shared hobby, this was appropriate as Austria is so renowned for its music. They visited the Mozarthaus and the Haus Der Musik in which the group were taught about the origins of Austria’s great composers and the importance and power of music itself. The information learnt was profound and I highly recommend taking time to learn about your interests so you can appreciate your passions more. Being in such a charismatic city, a lot was gained from the trip, and everyone enjoyed the activities, experiences and free time in Vienna. 

However, the trip’s true highlights were the performances in Peterskirche (St Peter’s Church), Kapuzinerkirche (Imperial Capuchin Church) and Stephansdom (St Stephen’s Cathedral). These beautiful landmarks accompanied the choir’s sound beautifully and the three concerts gathered large crowds for the choir’s music to be shared with. The experience was ‘invaluable’ said one of the choristers on the trip. 

Arguably though, the choir’s most memorable performance was unexpected for both the members of the choir and the public on their flight back home. The British Airways staff requested that the choir performed during the flight and a rendition of ‘The Road Home’ by Stephen Paulus felt fitting. Singing at 40,000 feet in the sky is definitely something you don’t do every day.  It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and everybody on the flight loved it.