Traditional stereotypes involving women’s capabilities in sport would suggest that they are inferior to males when it comes down to their performance, resulting in women having to work so much harder to gain the same amount of recognition that men get automatically. Physical activity is responsible for bringing billions of pounds annually into the sports industry, therefore making it understandable why athletes get so much pressure on them to perform well.

However, the general public can easily lose sight of how beneficial it is to spread a healthy sports community, where young girls are made to feel welcome to join clubs and get the same amount of opportunities as boys may receive. For women and girls, sports can create communities, defeat discrimination, improve self-confidence, foster positive body image and promote living a healthy lifestyle. Society is already a daunting place for females, and for some individuals it may even offer a sense of belonging, where they can be supported and uplifted by peers.

 First year student and basketball player for City of Stoke and Trent college, Ayah Edries shares her experience:

“I think with sport that mainly accommodate men like football and basketball, it’s typically the men who get more recognition, people watch them more so I feel like they are valued more. But as we are getting older and more knowledge about different sports surfaces, I feel like women are getting more recognised”.

“Playing basketball as a female has been a good experience for me; I’d say I enjoy the sport a lot but feel as though you get more judged when you play as a female because the standards are higher”

Moving forward, it is visible that the sports industry is actively trying to bridge the gap of inequality; the entire problem isn’t just simply the difference in pay but also the lesser media coverage and sexist comments that ultimately show how our ‘modern’ society still follow misogynistic views.

“My proudest moment was winning regionals with my team; I feel like I did contribute to it and it was fun.”

As we continue to advocate for and invest in women's sports, we not only celebrate the achievements of female athletes but also contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.

“I would like to see women’s sports to get more recognised and people to watch them more so they can receive the same amount of value and respect”.