Every year, Shrewsbury School hosts a Service of Remembrance on the Sunday following Remembrance Day. We respect and honour Shrewsbury School’s alumni who fought and unfortunately died in the First and the Second World War.

Last Sunday, Shrewsbury School students gathered at Sir Phillip Sydney War Memorial following a harmonious service at Chapel. The Chapel Service of Remembrance includes multiple blessings and prayers, and hymns sung by the school choir. Students and alumni also chorused “Libera me”, a responsory song in honour of the deaths of our alumni who fought in the First and the Second World War; and “I Vow to Thee My Country”, a patriotic hymn paying tributes to those who sacrificed for our country.

At Sir Phillip Sydney War Memorial, a group of Combined Cadet Force of the school, including the Royal Marines, the Army, and the Royal Air Force, marched along the path and memorialised in front of the War Memorial.

Upon 11 am, at a blow of the bugle of the “Last Post”, the one-minute silence has started. The congregation lowered their heads and the flags of the Army lowered. We remembered and honoured the heroic acts of the British Armed Forces who sacrificed in the line of duty.

Following the laying of three wraths, representing on the behalf of the students, alumni, and teachers, the congregation laid their poppies under a majestic tree in front of the Main School Building.  

The Chaplain of the service, Reverend Keulemans, has expressed his view on the significance of Remembrance Day, “In both the First and the Second World War, many hundreds of old Salopians (alumni of Shrewsbury School) fought in those conflicts and were killed. We are remembering that fact and acknowledging the sacrifice that they made.” He recognises the disagreement in the causes of war but acknowledges the fact that we are “nevertheless respecting and honouring the memory of those men who fought for their country “.

Lest we forget.