Famous classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven once said that “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” Music is a universal language which, regardless of where you are from, will have a profound impact on you. Although this statement is not limited to the classical genre, it is one of the most beautiful forms of music.

  On Wednesday, 8th of November, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra hosted a concert at the Birmingham Symphony Hall. The programme included the unbelievably beautiful Sibelius Violin Concerto performed by classical violinist and online personality Ray Chen, followed by the well-known Symphony No.3 in A minor by Felix Mendelssohn- also known as the Scottish symphony.

  Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) was a Finnish violinist and composer, his famous productions being his Symphonies and of course, the violin concerto. Sibelius Violin concerto was a piece with the mixture of fiery passion and glacial coolness; virtuosic passages and elemental strength, which the soloist Ray Chen has elevated to perfection. The incredibly difficult violin solos are naturally interwoven between the music.

  The Scottish symphony is inspired by Mendelssohn’s travel to the Scottish Highlands and islands. The landscape had a supernatural influence on him, leading to his composition of this piece of music. The sombre opening mirrors his vision of the ruined Holyrood Chapel in Edinburgh, showing dark and passionate struggles amidst the rugged terrain and stormy weather. The music breathes pure romance, with lilting melodies and harmonies. The orchestra builds towards a resounding, victorious finish as hymn tunes rise from the bottom of the texture, cementing a joyous, convincing end.

    It was an honour to have attended the concert, a truly astonishing and moving experience. The music was pleasantly delivered by the experienced, skilful orchestra. Therefore, to experience the same sensation, why not try coming to a classical concert and find out for yourself?