Photographer and Filmmaker, Clive Booth led a photography workshop alongside his colleagues to City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College  for two days(22nd & 23rd Nov) in the hope to inspire creative and digital students. With his 20 years of experience in the industry as a graphic designer in the past, he decided to follow his overriding desire of becoming a photographer. With the help of Canon’s immersive, cutting-edge cameras and lenses, students were able to produce their own creative pieces from selected prompt words, through their unconventional ideas from a series of workshops all geared towards developing confidence and creative ideas. 

His role as Canon ambassador, means he has gained great experience in his field, making him best known for his distinctive style using creative lighting techniques which he then teaches to his new students. 

Students were given an all-encompassing session about the various lighting techniques they could incorporate into their own photographs. 

The three words he wishes to spread are, “inspire, educate and empower young people. It's about giving back and leaving a legacy. I have the urge to tell stories”. 

“Experiment and do not be afraid of making mistakes; take ‘mistake’ out of your dictionary.” 

During my experience at the workshop, I observed and eventually collaborated with a smaller group to gain a wider understanding on the type of careers that can come out of the creative industries and have further appreciation towards the work of photographers. 

A message from Clive Booth for the younger generation: 

“Put yourself out of your comfort zone, the bigger challenge is confidence”.