Stoke Sixth Form hosted a creative workshop with canon advertising agency VCCP. The event was held on the 23rd and 24th November, where 70 students were led through a unique experience by Clive Booth and Hannah Wood. 

Graphic designer, Hannah Wood, was brought in by Clive Booth as a photographer 2 years ago and they have been working together ever since presenting interactive visual telling workshops to hundreds of children across the UK. 

Hannah Wood explains her difficulty growing up in Staffordshire:  

“Growing up in Staffordshire it is easy to feel isolated compared to the big cities and I have the potential to change young people's mind through creative outlets to help them feel closer and a part of the creative industry.” 

Hannah Wood communicates how we are not determined by the area we live in for our entire career. People from the West Midlands can get the perception that they are missing out on life changing opportunities. However, that is not the case when organisations like the Canon Young People’s Programme exist, breaking that stigma and directing youthful minds. 

“School was challenging with undiagnosed dyslexia as it was often brushed off by teachers so I was told art was the only answer; where I could create meaningful projects through mental cohesion” 

With careers like hers and Clive’s she wants to be a blueprint to upcoming artists so that they know they can make a good living starting from a career in art. 

A message from Hannah Wood to the younger generation: 

“I do this because it is important that children understand there is a spectrum to the art industry. Value your own mind, understand that there are different forms of intelligence and find work that aligns with your intelligence”.