Founder of IFSOBCZWHY at Spode and Creative Director (stoke), Ben Farr is known for his image and commercial making. He assisted the Canon workshop in a way that allowed the students’ ideas to flourish into reality. 

 Students were given the task of producing an advertisement, using their creativity so they could be in for a chance for their work to be used on a billboard in the local area. 

The group I personally worked with was inspired by @Claireluxtons work, found on Instagram. And aimed to depict the fragility and beauty standards often associated around moths and butterflies in an open way which could be up to interruption to the consumer. The main intention was to make the insects seem different, but ultimately show they are the same-this is the power of ‘pretty privilege’ 

Different emotions were distinguished from different lightings and the group soon found out that natural lighting reflected more with their theme. 

The use of origami butterflies displayed the delicate nature of the insects as well as allowing the bright coloured card to stand against the model vibrantly, whilst the moth sat dimly and sadly. 

Ben Farr expressed his insight into his job role,” “Canon wants the students to understand that they have the ability to write their own futures. I aim to change people's perspectives because schools are not explaining to children the possibilities outside STEM subjects- trying to get people to believe” 

Overall, this experience made me use imaginative thinking towards words that seem simple on the surface.