This photo captures Shrewsbury’s Pride Hill in early January, one week post-Christmas.

Last Christmas, Shrewsbury hosted numerous events to celebrate the traditional festival, including the conventional Shrewsbury Prison Christmas Market, Carols in the Square, Christmas Charity Concert, multiple Christmas Workshops, and countless other celebratory events. However, unlike previous years, the traditional Shrewsbury’s Christmas lights switch-on event has been cancelled to pay tribute to the four teenagers who tragically lost their lives in a car crash. The decoration in the image is turned on quietly before Christmas, casting a warm glow upon the architecture and pathways, creating a nostalgic and uplifting atmosphere of Christmas.

In the photo, the presence of Christmas decorations more than a week after Christmas demonstrates Shrewsbury citizen’s desire to maintain the festive spirits and are reluctant to let go of the joyous atmosphere of Christmas.

Post-Christmas, the doors of the local businesses in Shrewsbury are slowly creaking open, ready to return to routine during the conclusion of the holidays. Residents of Shrewsbury are now savouring the final essence of Christmas in the town with a sense of nostalgia and appreciation.

Shrewsbury stands as a testament to the enduring, exuberant nature of Christmas in England and reflects the indulgence of Christmas in contemporary culture.