The 12th of February marked Charles Darwin’s 215th birthday. Citizens in Shrewsbury celebrated this through the DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival, which includes events such as talks, exhibitions, and musical concerts.

Charles Darwin FRS FRGS FLS FZS JP was born in the town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in 1809. He attended an Anglican boarding school, Shrewsbury School, as a boarder. He developed a keen interest in natural history and biology in his early life in Shrewsbury and continued it at the University of Cambridge.

Darwin had a significant impact on biology, especially in evolution, natural history, and taxonomy. His groundbreaking theory of evolution and common ancestry transformed biological science and stirred controversy by challenging conventional religious and philosophical teachings.

In Shrewsbury this year, there was an event called 'Walk in Darwin’s Footsteps' which gave participants the chance to tour Darwin's childhood home and garden, the place that started his scientific explorations.

A resident of Shrewsbury, George, expressed, “The DarwIN festival, held to honour Charles Darwin's legacy, presented a wide variety of educational and entertaining events. Guided tours and insightful discussions created a balance that highlighted Shrewsbury's history and Darwin's impact. It serves as a marvellous tribute to both the town's heritage and Darwin's contributions to science.”