Stoke-on-Trent 6th form is home to the successful college basketball team, coached by Dieterich Carsten who is renowned for his excellent coaching skills and knowledge. 

 The team didn’t start off well in the first game of the season losing 73-48 against the now top of the table Coventry college on the 27th of September last year. This loss was fundamentally due to lack of experience and cohesion. The team now is 5 wins and 5 losses which puts them in 3rd place in the league after their convincing victory over Worcester college winning 73- 43 on the 13th march this year. This is an example of how much the team has developed and improved throughout this short space of time and provides scope for a positive future and they become stronger still. 

The team captain of the college team Jack Timbey has given comments regarding how it feels to be part of the team and the ways in which he upholds a leadership role within it. 

As the team captain of the college basketball team I turn up to training each session and boost team morale providing energy for everyone. I communicate ideas and feedback from my teammates to my coach to keep the team happy and able to work together in unity. 

During matches I am responsible for communicating concern to the referee on decisions that my players disagree with and ‘keep the peace’ between them. It is also key that I provide direction for my team and keep they team coordinated.

 Being part of the college basketball team gives me a sense of belonging as there are lots of different people that have similar interests as me and so we can share our talents in training and on the court. Being part of the team boosts my confidence and my practical ability as we can compare different skills and ideas with each other overall benefiting our team on a whole"

The excitement continues as soon stoke 6th form will be competing against the 2 top teams of the league (Coventry college and Sandwell college SU) they will strive for victory and compete for that top spot.